Orlistat 120mg

Orlistat is a weight loss tablet that can help you lose more than 10% of your body weight in 3-6 months. Get weight loss tablets online with fast and discreet delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you need a prescription for orlistat?

Yes, orlistat 120mg is a prescription only medication so you will need to speak to a doctor before you can get it. Orlistat 60mg, under the brand name Alli, is available over the counter from most UK pharmacies.

How many orlistat do I take a day?

You take orlistat up to 3 times per day, once with each meal that contains fat. If you eat a meal that doesn’t contain fat, then you don’t need to take orlistat afterwards.

Is orlistat available on the NHS?

Yes, orlistat is available on the NHS. You will need to speak to your GP to find out if your specific clinic offers this medication.

Can you take orlistat 120 mg 3 times a day?

Yes, taking orlistat 120mg 3 times per day is the typical dose for this medication.

How long after taking orlistat do you poop?

Orlistat doesn’t typically change how often or how quickly you need to poop. If you eat a fatty meal, you may notice an increased urgency to poop as there is more fat being passed through your stool.

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