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An over-the-counter medication that’s been proven to help you lose around 50% more weight than dieting alone.

Front package of alli with 60 mg orlistat for weight loss
Front package of alli with 60 mg orlistat for weight loss treatment
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Frequently asked questions

Does alli work without exercise?

alli will work without exercising, although you won’t get the best results from taking it. You can only take alli for 6 months at a time, so you should take alli alongside a diet and exercise regime for maximum effectiveness. This will also reduce the chances of putting weight back on when you stop taking it.

Can I take alli if I'm not overweight?

No, you can only take alli if your BMI is 28 or above, which is classed as overweight. It’s not safe to take weight loss medications if you are at a healthy weight on the BMI scale, as this could cause you to become underweight.

Do you gain weight after stopping alli?

You’ll only gain weight after stopping alli if you go back to a high calorie diet. Fad diets only work for a little while, and if you go back to the way you used to eat before, your weight is likely to increase again. That's why patients are advised to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan, as this will help to keep the weight off even after treatment is stopped.

Does alli help lose belly fat?

alli will help you lose weight, which may result in less belly fat. However, weight loss can not be targeted to a specific part of the body, so it may not happen right away.

How fast does alli make you poop?

Some people who take alli can get sudden urges to go to the toilet, while others go normally. You may notice that your stools are looser or oily. This is normal and is the unabsorbed fat leaving your body.

If you find that alli is making you pass stools quickly after eating, or a lot more than usual, you can try reducing the amount of fat you eat at each meal, which should reduce this.

What should I eat when taking alli?

For the best weight loss results while taking alli, you should eat a balanced, healthy diet. This includes plenty of fruit and vegetables, proteins, and a small amount of healthy fats. You should also avoid or limit sugary, high-fat, high-processed, and greasy foods. High-calorie drinks, such as fizzy drinks or alcohol should also be limited or avoided.

Is alli for men?

alli can be taken by men and women, you just need to be over 18 and have a BMI of 28 or over.

Is there a shortage of alli?

We are not aware of a shortage of alli at the moment. If alli is out of stock somewhere, this may just be because the pharmacy or retailer has not restocked it yet.

Is alli hard on the liver?

alli is not hard on the liver, but it can increase your risk of hepatitis, which is an inflammation of the liver. If you’re worried about these side effects, speak to your doctor.

Can you take alli and Saxenda together?

No, you cannot take alli and Saxenda together. You shouldn’t take any 2 weight loss medications together, as this will increase your risk of side effects and may make you lose weight too quickly, which can be dangerous.

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