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Genital warts are a sexually transmitted infection. Genital warts treatment can involve a range of methods. Zava can provide a prescription for a topical cream, suitable for small warts.

If you think you may have been infected, you can complete our free assessment. Our doctors will assess your condition and suggest a suitable treatment.

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Genital warts treatments

In stock. Prices from £34.99

In stock. Prices from £34.99

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Genital Warts Treatment


Active ingredient: Podophyllotoxin.

Side effects: Your skin might feel mildly irritated when you apply it. You may also experience inflammation, ulcers, soreness, itching, redness or pain where the warts were. Skin problems may occur if Podophyllotoxin is left in contact with healthy skin.


Active ingredient: Imiquimod.

Side effects: Can cause skin reactions and may damage healthy skin. Imiquimod does have some common side effects, which include: hardening of the skin and flakiness, swelling, a burning or itching sensation after applying the cream, and/or a headache. Normally these side effects are quite mild and they go away within two weeks of finishing treatment.

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