Skin Photo Diagnosis

We offer photo diagnosis of skin conditions anywhere on the body. Send a photo of the affected area to one of our doctors and get a diagnosis or advice within 24 hours.

Prices from £19.95

Fill in a short questionnaire and upload at least 2 photos of the affected area. One of our doctors will review these before sending you a message with a diagnosis (where possible) and suggested treatment.

If you’ve got a problem with your skin, and you need a diagnosis or advice quickly, you can send a photo of the affected area to our doctors and get answers. There’s no need to book an appointment or leave your home and, if it’s a weekday, we’ll get back to you with a diagnosis or information on what to do next within 24 hours.

When you use our photo diagnosis service our doctors can:

  • Give a formal diagnosis or advice on what to do next
  • Recommend a treatment that’s right for you
  • Answer any questions you may have regarding your condition or treatment for free.

All communication is via an encrypted patient account to guarantee the security of your information.

Our doctors can diagnose a variety of different conditions by looking at photos. These are:

Unfortunately, we cannot check moles. This is because we would need to see and feel a mole, and understand a bit more about your medical history, to be able to make a full diagnosis.

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Photo Assessment

In stock. Prices from £19.95

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How does the skin photo diagnosis service work?

The diagnosis service works in the following way:

  1. Fill in a short questionnaire about the problem
  2. Upload at least 2 photos of the area of skin affected
  3. One of our doctors will review your answers and your photos
  4. We’ll send you a message containing your diagnosis through your account
  5. The doctor will recommend treatment if appropriate, and is on hand for any follow up questions

If your skin condition is making you feel unwell, or you’re not feeling well in general, we would not be able to make a diagnosis from photos. If this is the case, you should talk to your GP.

How long will it take to get my diagnosis?

Our doctors can provide a diagnosis and recommend treatment (if necessary) in 1 working day. If you send your photos on a weekday, you’ll get a message from us within 24 hours. If you send your photos on a Saturday or Sunday, you’ll get a response on Monday.

How will I get my diagnosis?

The doctor reviewing your photos will send you a message via your encrypted patient account. You’ll get an email to let you know there’s a message in your account. If you have any follow up questions about your diagnosis, you can message our doctors directly through your account.

How much will my photo diagnosis cost?

The assessment service costs £19.95. If you’re offered treatment for your skin condition, this will be charged separately. There may be times when our doctors are unable to offer a definitive diagnosis of a condition. This can be due to many different things, such as needing to conduct further tests or investigation, or there may be issues with the quality of the uploaded image, making it harder to diagnose. If this is the case, our doctors will provide you with further options to get the right diagnosis/treatment.

How do I take a photo for diagnosis?

The easiest way to take a photo for the diagnosis is with your phone. Make sure that you’re in a well lit area and hold the phone as steady as you can. We’re not able to make a diagnosis if the pictures are blurred or too dark.

The doctors need at least 2 photos to make a diagnosis but it’s better if you can send more than 2. At least 1 photo should be a close up of the affected area of skin, and the other should be a bit further away to show where on your body the area is. Taking pictures from different angles can also help the doctors to get a good idea of what the problem might be.

Medically reviewed by:
Dr Babak Ashrafi Clinical Lead for Service Expansion
Accreditations: BSc, MBBS, MRCGP (2008)

Babak studied medicine at King’s College London and graduated in 2003, having also gained a bachelor’s degree in Physiology during his time there. He completed his general practice (GP) training in East London, where he worked for a number of years as a partner at a large inner-city GP practice. He completed the Royal College of GPs membership exam in 2007.

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