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Antibiotic treatments are very effective in treating bladder infections. A three day course of the antibiotic MacroBid (nitrofurantoin) is the standard treatment to cure the infection and reduce the risk of a recurrent bout.

To order cystitis treatment, fill in our brief questionnaire. Our online doctor will review your information and check whether an antibiotic course is the right treatment for you. This service is for women only.

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Cystitis treatments

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Cystitis Treatment

Nitrofurantoin (MacroBid)

How quickly does it work

Within 2 - 3 days of taking the antibiotic.

Who can take it

Nitrofurantoin may not be suitable for you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying for a baby, think you might have glandular fever, have problems with your liver or kidneys or your breathing, are diabetic, are anaemic or have low levels of vitamin b or folic acid, have peripheral neuropathy, have porphyria or glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency, are taking other medicines or have ever been allergic to a medicine.

Side effects

Feeling or being sick, feeling dizzy, having diarrhoea.


This used to be a recommended treatment for cystitis but due to increased antibiotic resistance, it’s no longer suitable in the UK. Instead, the recommended antibiotic treatment is MacroBid (nitrofurantoin) which you can order for your cystitis online from Zava.

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