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Is the service confidential?

We keep our communication with you to a minimum. Most of our communication is done via your secure account. We will never mention any confidential information relating to your treatment or your condition in your email directly without your consent.

Does my GP have to be told about my treatment?

It’s a good idea to tell your GP about any treatment that you’re having through ZAVA. Letting your GP know allows them to understand your needs and work out the best way to treat you in the future.

But informing your GP is completely optional. And all treatment you have through ZAVA, and any messages you send and receive, are totally confidential.

If you do want to keep your GP informed, you can download a GP letter from the ‘Order History’ section of your account. If you prefer, ZAVA can send this letter directly to your GP. If you’d like us to do this, send us a message through your account including your GP’s name, and the address of the surgery.

Do you have real doctors working for you?

Yes. As you can see from our team page, we currently have several doctors working for us in our London office. Our medical director is Dr. Zenon Andreou.

Is the service you offer legal?

Yes. We are a CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered online doctor service. We have UK registered doctors working for us who are legally allowed to prescribe medicines online. If you want further information, check out our registration on the CQC website.

Are the medications you provide genuine?

Yes. We offer treatments from all the major drug manufacturers including Pfizer®, GSK®, Bayer®, Merck®, Lilly® & Roche®.

How do I take the medicine?

When we send out medication we provide you with detailed instructions on how to take the medicine. If you have any questions before or after taking the medication, then you can contact the online doctor either via phone or via your account.

Are you open on bank holidays?

Our doctors work on bank holidays so orders can be reviewed and processed, but our customer support phone line is closed.

I’m not satisfied with your service, how can I complain?

If you want to complain about your order or the service you’ve received please contact our Customer Support team on 020 3588 0292. They’ll let you know whom you need to send your complaint to. For more details about how your complaint will be handled, please see our terms and conditions.

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Delivery, collections, and refunds

Everything you need to know about receiving your order can be found here.

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trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Yee Hong, 13 Jan 2022
Various options of contraption pills
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Kate Gadsby, 04 Jan 2022
Landing at heathrow and needing my day 2 test - the team were so friendly and professional and I had my result 24 hours later - great work
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Mrs Patricia Morris, 08 Jan 2022
Once again, clear and prompt reply, many thanks.
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Anne-Marie, 04 Jan 2022
In a nutshell: reassuring, friendly, competent and fast. Thank you 🙏🏼
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by JE, 05 Jan 2022
We arrived home on New Year’s Eve and, due to the extended bank holiday (which could have affected the postal service), we decided on day 1 to make the 140 mile round trip to drop our completed tests at the lab in Taunton. We were beyond impressed to receive our results at 8.10 am on day 2.

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