Our Story

Founded in 2011, by David Meinertz and Amit Khutti, ZAVA was born from David’s personal experiences as a frustrated patient. He found the current healthcare system to be both complex and time-consuming and wanted to find an easier, more convenient way for patients to receive treatment.

Today, ZAVA exists to break down barriers to health - whether that’s a barrier relating to cost, access or information. We’re building healthcare that is accessible, dependable and a fraction of today’s cost.

Amit Khutti and David Meinertz - Co-founders of ZAVA

Be in the best of health

The healthcare sector is undergoing a digital revolution and as one of the largest digital healthcare players in Europe, ZAVA is at the forefront of this change. Since 2011 we have provided 7 million paid consultations and every month almost 100,000 patients from across the UK, France, Germany and Ireland access ZAVA to seek advice, tests or treatment for a growing range of conditions.

In 2019 we secured $32m in Series A funding, so we’re accelerating our growth. We’re building out our dedicated team of smart, curious people so that we can significantly expand our medical and technical capabilities. We’ll be offering many new services for patients across Europe with plans to launch into statutory healthcare systems in Germany, UK and France.

We’re breaking new ground all the time, which means there’s no tried and tested way yet. So we want the triers and testers. People willing to push the boundaries, take responsibility for big ideas, and create opportunities for themselves.

Internal and external photographs of ZAVA office and ZAVA team working

Photographs by Siobhan Doran

Taking care of our people

Members of the ZAVA team

Care is our fundamental motivation. We’re an organisation full of smart people who care - about patients, about each other, and about doing the right thing. We enjoy spending time together, respect and value each others’ opinions, and help one another out.

We don’t believe in telling employees when, where, and how to work. Instead, we offer flexibility, choice, and autonomy. We have people in full-time roles, part-time roles, and employees who’ve altered their working hours to fit around important commitments like family.

We support anyone who’s able to complete their work remotely. But we also have a brand new office in the heart of London that offers a fun, collaborative environment.

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Embracing curiosity and difference

Diversity is everywhere. And it makes the world a more interesting place. At ZAVA we encourage diversity, welcome difference and celebrate new ideas. We’ve built a team of curious people who think differently, who can be themselves, ask questions and challenge the norm.. Who have different perceptions, preferences and thoughts. By embracing our differences we see the world through an expanded lens and make a bigger impact on the lives of our patients.

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