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As one of the leading online doctors in Europe and the UK, we at ZAVA are dedicated to adding knowledge on various healthcare topics through our research. As a pioneer in remote healthcare consulting, we provide valuable insights into areas such as human sexuality, global access to healthcare, and their differences across cultures and countries.

We address crucial healthcare concerns like the dismissive attitudes some patients face from healthcare providers and the disparities in access to contraception worldwide. Our commitment to looking more closely at these topics goes in hand with our aim to make a positive impact on health practice and ensure that every patient receives the medical attention they deserve.

Visualisation of surveys conducted by ZAVA UK online doctor research.

Who is ZAVA Online Doctor?

ZAVA Online Doctor was founded in 2010 and is one of the leading online doctors in Europe and the UK with over 9 million treatments. ZAVA connects patients with qualified general practitioners for remote consultations. With a focus on convenience and accessibility, ZAVA Online Doctor has established itself as a trusted provider of a variety of medications, treatments, and medical advice.

Through our user-friendly platform, we enable patients to get medical advice and receive prescriptions and medications by accessing a healthcare service from the comfort of their own homes. ZAVA ensures privacy and security, providing patients with a confidential and discrete digital healthcare experience.

What are the benefits of using ZAVA?

As one of Europe's largest online doctors, ZAVA offers several key benefits for patients seeking accessible healthcare. We connect individuals with our licensed medical professionals in various areas, including general practice, women's health including contraception and men's health including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Our doctors can also treat travel diseases such as malaria, weight loss, sexual health, and more. Our extensive experience in the digital healthcare sector is reflected by a top-rated customer experience and excellent patient satisfaction.

The online consultation of ZAVA eliminates the need for face-to-face appointments, enabling patients to receive medical care in a simple process without disrupting their daily routines. Information about treatment needs and health conditions is provided via an online questionnaire, which is then reviewed by a ZAVA doctor. By assessing your health needs within 24 hours, we ensure not only a fast but also a convenient experience without the need for travel, and waiting rooms. Once treatment is confirmed, medication is delivered for free standard or next-day express delivery, either directly to the patient's doorstep or for pickup at a nearby pharmacy.

ZAVA provides discreet packaging and offers a secure patient account for confidential communications and records. We are fully regulated, guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of medication and ensuring absolute discretion and confidentiality of your data. Our doctors are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), possessing qualifications equivalent to those of general practitioners and experienced hospital doctors.

What kind of research does ZAVA online doctor do?

At ZAVA Online Doctor, we are committed to advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care through ongoing research initiatives. We cover a wide range of research topics aimed at exploring various aspects of health, wellness, and sexuality. Our surveys delve into diverse areas such as fitness challenges, including the transformative effects of the 30-Day Squat Challenge on the body. We explore the pharmaceutical industry, examining the implications and accessibility of contraception and birth control around the world. Our research extends to the impact of magazines on body image, shedding light on the relationship between media and self-perception. An important research area for us is sexual health and intimacy, providing guides on sexual life journeys, preferred sex positions, and modern intimacy practices. We investigate cultural differences in sexual preferences and masculinity by exploring topics such as friends with benefits, suggestive emojis, and even provide guidance on first date expectations.

ZAVA research published in 2023

Contraception: Your perceptions of the pill

different types of contraception methods

In a world where personal choices and reproductive health go hand in hand, contraception stands as a vital pillar of informed decision-making. The choices we make regarding contraception not only influence our individual lives but have far-reaching implications for our partners and society as a whole.

In a study of over 2000 sexually active UK adults, our team of experts wanted to investigate the British public's views of contraception, aiming to provide a better understanding of this critical aspect of sexual and reproductive health.

ZAVA research published in 2020

Mind The Germs: Mapping Bacteria in the London Underground

mind the germs: mapping bacteria in the London underground

Around 1.35 billion passengers ride the Tube every year. Just picture all those hands touching escalator handrails, ticket machines, barriers, seats, and poles – it’s a recipe for a germ stew on a normal day, let alone with the coronavirus outbreak. Tube travellers frequently complain about fellow passengers who cough and sneeze indiscriminately in such close quarters. And given that we know many people fail to wash their hands after using the toilet, it seems only natural that these surfaces are laden with bacteria after contact with millions of hands.

So what can you do to get to work and avoid getting infected? Learn where the most germs lurk and what tube stations and lines carry the most bacteria in the full article.

ZAVA research published in 2019

30-Day Squat Challenge: Transform Your Body with ZAVA

Your Ass On Squats

If there were ever a word that guaranteed to lower your risk of major illness – such as heart disease or cancer – would you want to know what that word is? Exercise. It’s no secret that an active lifestyle can come with numerous benefits. On Facebook, others are staying active with 30-Day Fitness Challenges that anyone can log on to, pick a program, and get moving.

While it’s great to see individuals embracing fitness through these new types of trends, the question of the hour is: Do they work? To help us find the answer, we had seven participants – four women and three men – complete the squats portion of the 30-Day Challenge.

Is the answer to a tighter ass, thighs, and hips only 30 days away? Let’s find out in the full article.

ZAVA research published in 2018

Evolution of Sexual Intimacy

The evolution of intimacy. A look at sex and relationships over time.

It may seem obvious, but sex is a pretty good thing for you and your relationship. To understand how intimacy really evolves as a relationship progresses, we surveyed 1,000 Europeans and 1,000 Americans to understand their sexual preferences over time. We asked how often they have sex, how often they orgasm, if they use sex toys, and how happy they are.

Curious as to how your sexual relationship might change over time? Continue reading the full article to see what we learned.

Dismissed by the Doctor Consultant

Dismissed by the doctor. Exploring how often people receive flippant medical attention.

Despite modern medical knowledge, diagnosis remains an imprecise science. In this project, we collected responses from over 1,000 Europeans and Americans on their experiences with doctors when discussing their general and sexual health. Our study explored patient perceptions of doctor disinterest towards their medical concerns and what about their consultations prompted them to feel their doctors were disregarding their issues. Our results allow us to contrast the treatment of men and women and explore which doctor habits patients feel most dismissed by.

Your First Date Expectations Guide

First Date Expectations

Ever climbed out of the bathroom window during a bad first date? How about slept with your new paramour on a good one? And what is it that keeps you coming back for more or drives you out the door without as much as a goodbye? We asked over 1,000 Europeans and Americans these questions and more to find out what dating expectations look like in the U.S. and Europe, and how we can all be just a little smoother on our next first date.

Continue reading the full article to learn what we discovered.

Preferred Sexual Positions Guide from ZAVA

Preferred positions - a look at sexual favourites across Europe and the US

You’ve just come home from a great date, and things are finally getting hot and heavy between you and your partner. While you love the missionary position, you’re feeling particularly adventurous tonight. Curious to see how imaginative sex can be, we asked 2,000 people from the U.K. and U.S. about their favourite sexual positions. We even asked what they’d like to try given the chance and how they learned their frisky moves.

Are our respondents head-over-heels for 69? Or are they spinning for reverse cowgirl? Continue reading the full article to find out.

Sexual Life Journey Guide by ZAVA

Sexual Life Journey

When it comes to sex, for many, it’s the journey and not the destination that proves enticing – but can it be both? We surveyed 500 Europeans and 500 Americans about the various sexual journeys humans experience over the course of a lifetime. Whether you rate your personal distance into this journey as a 1 (your entire sexual evolution and journey are ahead of you, and all of your sexual experiences and fantasies have yet to be experienced) or 100 (your sexual evolution is complete, and you have learned and experienced everything you are interested in), you may share something in common with these 1,000 international participants.

Read the full article to find out.

Exploring the Impact: ZAVA's Survey on Magazines and Body Image

Magazines and Body Image: A Deconstruction of Over 3,700 Magazine Covers

It’s been said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but what about when that cover is establishing beauty standards for men and women all around the world? Magazine covers today feature models, fashion icons, and pop culture stars . The “idealised” body has changed dramatically over time, but in recent years, the bar may have been set so high by media adverts, social outlets, and printed press that the average person can’t realistically meet their expectations.

Additionally, it is important to recognize the influence of weight loss treatments in shaping societal perceptions of the "ideal" body. Throughout our analysis of 35 publications, we observed the prevalent promotion of weight loss treatments and strategies. These magazines often highlight various approaches to achieving a certain body image, from fad diets to intense workout routines, further fueling unrealistic expectations.

Read our full study that raises awareness about the impact of media on body image and self-esteem.

Pharmaceutical Sales & Prescription Drugs Online

Pharmaceutical Sales & Sentiment. Prescription Drugs and the People Taking Them.

When it comes to the prescription drugs people use around the world, patients and their doctors consider a number of factors, such as efficacy in treating a given condition, the cost to the patient, and how well-known a drug is to prescribers. So how do different drugs stack up? Which ones have the highest sales, and which ones are the most satisfying to patients? We decided to find out using data on U.S. sales figures of major prescription drugs as well as 29,672 individual patient ratings.

Contraception Around the World: A Global Guide to Birth Control Options

Contraception Around the World

Safe and easy access to contraception is something many of us take for granted in the UK. We have carried out a survey across the UK and US, asking participants to discuss aspects of their sex life, contraceptive choices, gender roles within couples, and the availability and price of birth control in their country.

Read the full article to learn more about the thought-provoking and sometimes surprising results.

ZAVA research published in 2017

Sexually Suggestive Emojis Guide by ZAVA

Sexually Suggestive Emojis

The emoticon, a digital and textual representation of an emotion, has been around for decades as an indispensable way of communicating tone over text. While emojis originated as diverse sets of emoticons used chiefly in Japan, they’ve now been established as a global standard that works across all modern devices. To find out more about how social media users are expressing themselves with flirtatious and sexually suggestive emojis, we searched for every occurrence of the most widely used romantic and sexually charged emojis among millions of recent tweets from Europe and the United States.

Keep reading the full article to see who’s tweeting the most suggestive emojis around the world.

Unveiling Fascinating Friends with Benefits Research

Bed Buddies

“Friends with benefits.” This is a term used to describe two people who have a sexual arrangement on the side of an otherwise platonic friendship. How do these types of relationships start? Does being bed buddies get complicated? How do they end? And who really benefits from them? So we surveyed 1,000 Europeans and Americans about the inner workings of being friends with benefits.

Curious? We were too. Here’s the full article with what we have learned.

Masculinity Around the World: Unveiling Insights from ZAVA's Research

Masculinity Around the World

What makes a man manly? In the past, this might have been an easy question to answer – but what about today? We asked more than 1,000 European and American men to tell us about their masculine habits – and then asked our female respondents to weigh in on what’s sexy, what’s just fine, and what’s not.

ZAVA research published in 2015

American vs. European Sexual Preferences

American vs. European sexual preferences

At its most basic level, sex is a fundamental human behaviour that transcends all boundaries. But in today’s world of shifting cultural and geographical complexities, sex has taken on new meaning for adults from a variety of backgrounds. To find out how sexual habits and preferences vary across the Atlantic, we built our own mouse-tracking technology that allowed us to survey 500 Americans and 500 Europeans.

Read the full article to Discover Fascinating Insights on US & EU Sexual Preferences.

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