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Order your test kit, then take and send your sample to our UK accredited partner laboratory. Get results and advice from our doctors in 2 to 3 days.

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a medication that can lower your chances of getting infected with HIV, if you have a higher risk. You need to take certain tests to be prescribed PrEP. You can order any PrEP test kits you need through ZAVA.

Before taking PrEP

Before we can prescribe PrEP to you, we’ll ask you whether you've had a:

  • negative HIV test result
  • normal kidney function (creatinine and estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate; eGFR) test result
  • negative hepatitis B and C test result — you only need a negative hepatitis B result if you’ve not had a hepatitis B vaccination, and you only need a negative hepatitis C result if you are a man who has sex with other men or are a trans woman

We offer 2 introduction test kits. Order our:

  • basic PrEP test to check your HIV status and kidney function only, if you know your hepatitis status or have had a hepatitis B vaccination already
  • comprehensive PrEP test* to check all the above (HIV status, kidney function, and hepatitis B and C status)

While taking PrEP

If you’re already using PrEP, you need to take regular tests to check that treatment is still suitable. We will ask you about these tests whenever you order PrEP medication through us.

Every 3 months, you need a:

Once a year, you need a:

  • negative HIV test result
  • normal kidney function test result — if you’re over 40 years old or have a high risk of kidney disease, you should check this every 6 months instead
  • negative hepatitis B and C test result

We offer 2 continuation test kits depending on which stage you’re at and the tests you need. Order our:

We also offer standalone HIV tests and kidney function tests.

*Important: If you have a hepatitis B vaccination, you should wait 8 weeks before taking a hepatitis B test. You may get a false positive result if you take this sooner.

STI screening (optional)

It's also recommended that you do a full screen to check for STIs (sexually transmitted infections), both before and while taking PrEP.

We offer the following STI screening kits:

In stock. Prices from £39.95

In stock. Prices from £99.95

Capillary blood collection kit for PrEP testing
Kidney PrEP test (creatinine and eGFR)

In stock. Prices from £24.99

In stock. Prices from £29.99

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