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Due to a national increase in coronavirus testing, our test lab partners are experiencing delays of up to 3-4 days when delivering results from other test kits. We ask for your patience and compassion during these unprecedented times, and we're deeply grateful for your continued understanding.

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a medication that HIV-negative people can take to lower the chance of getting infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Before and during PrEP therapy there are certain tests that you'll need to take.

ZAVA offers a range of test kits for people who want to take or are taking PrEP. We have a PrEP test kit for each stage of your PrEP therapy.


For ZAVA to prescribe PrEP, we'll need to know that you've tested negative for:

  • HIV
  • kidney function (creatinine and estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate; eGFR)
  • hepatitis B and C

We have two test kits you can use before taking PrEP.

Comprehensive Introduction PrEP Test

This test will check your:

  • HIV status
  • kidney function (creatinine and estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate; eGFR)
  • hepatitis B and C status

Basic PrEP Test (This will not test for hepatitis)

If you already know your hepatitis status or have been vaccinated, we also offer a Basic PrEP test for:

  • HIV
  • kidney function (creatinine and estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate; eGFR)

If you have not been vaccinated for hepatitis and have not had a recent test, the basic test kit will not be enough to find out if you can start taking PrEP.

Recommended STI screening

It's also recommended that you do an STI screen at this stage. ZAVA offers the following STI screening kits:


If you are already taking PrEP, you need to take regular tests to make sure it’s still suitable for you to take PrEP. If you do not take these tests, we will not be able to continue prescribing your PrEP.

3-Month Continuation PrEP Test

For ZAVA to continue to prescribe PrEP after 3 months, we'll need to test to find out your:

  • HIV status
  • kidney function (creatinine and estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate; eGFR)

Our 3-Month Continuation PrEP test covers both of these.

Annual Continuation PrEP Test

To Continue prescribing PrEP, you’ll need to take an annual test to find out your:

  • HIV status
  • kidney function (creatinine and estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate; eGFR)
  • hepatitis B and C status

Our Annual Continuation PrEP Test covers all of these.

Continuation STI Screening

While taking PrEP we recommend regular STI screening. We offer the following screen kits:

You can also buy the following test kits from ZAVA:

In stock. Prices from £39.95

In stock. Prices from £99.95

A prep test kit for Creatinine and eGFR
Kidney PrEP Test (creatinine and eGFR)

In stock. Prices from £24.99

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Do I need a test before I can get PrEP?

To start taking PrEP, you need to make sure you're HIV negative, have normal kidney function and are hepatitis B and C negative. To get tested, you can order a PrEP test kit from ZAVA. With this, you take a quick blood sample at home and then send it to our partner laboratory for analysis and results.

We offer 2 types of pr-PrEP tests. These are the basic pre-PrEP test and the full pre-PrEP test, and you will need to take one of these in order to start taking PrEP.

If you are already taking PrEP but need to check your status on PrEP to make sure it’s still suitable for you. To do this, we offer two more tests, the 3-monthly PrEP test and the annual PrEP test.

What happens if I test positive for HIV?

If your HIV test kit comes back positive our doctors will be on hand to help. All positive results must be followed up by another test using different technology.

If you do test positive for HIV one of our doctors discuss all possible consequences with you in detail. We’ll also help you to find specialist care in your local area and put you in touch with local support groups.

If I test negative for HIV but positive for hepatitis B or C, or abnormal kidney function, can I still get PrEP?

If your results show that you are positive for hepatitis B or C, we won’t be able to prescribe you PrEP and you’ll need to make an appointment with your GP. They may refer you to a liver specialist.

If your results show that you have abnormal kidney function, we’ll ask you to do another test to see if it normalises. We can do a repeat test for you, but we recommend that you visit your GP for this test because they may want to do further testing or examine you in person.

If any of your results require you to have further testing, you will not be able to take PrEP until you have results that confirm you can do so.

Why is it important to be HIV negative before and during PrEP therapy?

It may be unsafe to take PrEP if you’re HIV positive as PrEP contains 2 different antiviral drugs which are often used, along with other medications, to treat people who have HIV. Using these drugs when you’re already HIV positive, can lead to you becoming resistant to them, making it more challenging to treat the infection later on.

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