Lucette Pill

The Lucette contraceptive pill is a combined pill which can be taken to prevent pregnancy.

63 pack of Lucette 0.03/3mg ethnylestradiol drospirenone film-coated tablets
Lucette 0.03 mg/3 mg film-coated tablets blister pack
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Frequently asked questions

Does Lucette help with acne?

Yes, Lucette is a combined oral contraceptive pill that can help with acne. The combination of hormones in Lucette may reduce sebum (oil) production and make skin pores less likely to clog. While taking Lucette, your acne may improve after a few months.

Can Lucette cause mood swings?

Lucette can cause mood swings, but this usually improves after a few months as your body gets used to the pill. If you find that your mood swings are negatively affecting your health, speak to a doctor to switch from Lucette to a different contraceptive pill.

You might want to try a pill which has less oestrogen or no oestrogen at all, like a mini pill. Starting a new pill can also come with new side effects, but your doctor will discuss this in detail before you make a decision.

Does Lucette affect your libido?

Lucette is a combined hormonal oral contraceptive pill that can affect your libido (sex drive), but this should settle after a few months of taking it. If you find your libido does not go back to normal, you might want to speak to your doctor about whether or not Lucette is the cause. Your libido can be affected by your mood and other lifestyle habits too. You always have the option of coming off or changing your pill, and seeing if this helps bring your libido back.

Can Lucette affect my weight?

There is no proven direct link between the contraceptive pill and weight changes. Your weight can go up or down if you change how often you exercise, what you eat regularly and even how much water you drink. You may want to consider what else may be causing your weight change after you start taking Lucette. After taking Lucette for a few months, if you think it is affecting your weight, talk to your doctor about taking an alternative pill.

Does Lucette stop your period?

Lucette will not permanently stop your periods even if you take it back to back. If you take Lucette for 21 days followed by a 7-day pill-free break, you will have a withdrawal bleed which is like a period. These are usually lighter than a period and you will still be protected against pregnancy during the pill-free break. If you want to avoid withdrawal bleeds, your doctor might suggest taking Lucette pill strips back to back, without a 7-day break.

If you stop taking Lucette, your periods should return to normal, although this can take several months.

What is the 7-day break rule for the pill?

For monophasic pills, like the Lucette combined pill, 1 pill is taken every day for 21 days and then no pills are taken for the next 7 days. This is a 7-day pill-free break. You will then start your new pack of pills on day 8, even if you are still bleeding, and this should occur on the same day that you took your first pill.

What are the symptoms of low oestrogen?

The symptoms of low oestrogen include:

  • hot flushes
  • mood swings
  • headaches
  • breast tenderness
  • depression
  • irregular periods
  • painful sex
  • recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs)

ZAVA does offer hormone replacement therapy for people experiencing menopausal symptoms, which happen due to a decrease in oestrogen levels.

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