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Stay protected with the contraceptive pill Rigevidon, an effective combined pill

63 pack of Rigevidon 150/30µg levonorgestrel/ethniylestradiol coated tablets
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Frequently asked questions

How long does Rigevidon take to work?

This depends on when you start taking Rigevidon. If you take it on day 1 of your period, it will work straight away. If you start on day 2-5 of your period, you will need to use a barrier protection (such as condoms) for the first 7 days when having sex.

If you have an irregular or short period, use a form of barrier protection for 7 days.

Can I take Rigevidon if I'm breastfeeding?

Rigevidon contraceptive pill is not suitable for breastfeeding mothers. There are other pills that may be suitable, so discuss this with your doctor.

Does Rigevidon help acne?

Rigevidon can help with acne but this depends on the situation. There are other pills that are designed to treat acne and may be more suitable. Rigevidon can also cause acne, so speak to your doctor if your acne gets worse whilst taking it.

Does Rigevidon cause weight gain?

Rigevidon can cause weight changes, but these are usually quite minor. It can also cause fluid retention which may be mistaken for weight gain.

Are you protected on the 7-day break from the pill Rigevidon?

Yes, if the pill is taken correctly you will be protected during your 7-day break from Rigevidon.

Is Levest the same as Rigevidon?

Levest and Rigevidon contain the same active ingredients in the same doses. They work in the same way, but are produced by different manufacturers and have different names.

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