Levest Pill

Levest is a combined pill containing a moderate amount of oestrogen. It has a medium chance of oestrogen-related benefits and side effects.

Pack of 63 Levest 150/30µg levonorgestrel/ethinylestradiol coated oral tablets
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Frequently asked questions

Does Levest stop your period?

Yes, Levest does stop your period, but if you take a 7-day break from the pills, you may experience a breakthrough bleed. You can choose to delay these bleeds by taking the pills continuously or in 3-month cycles.

Does Levest make you gain weight?

Yes, Levest can cause temporary weight gain as a side effect. Not everyone experiences this and it usually goes back to normal once you stop taking Levest.

Can Levest cause acne?

Levest contains levonorgestrel that can cause oily skin, and therefore spots. Acne is a listed side effect of Levest. However, many people report that their existing acne improves, and many doctors prescribe combined contraceptive pills to treat acne.

See our page on the contraceptive pill and acne for more information.

Can Levest cause anxiety?

Anxiety is a listed side effect of Levest. Not everyone will get anxiety as a side effect but it is possible to develop anxiety or have existing anxiety or mood disorders become worse as a result of taking Levest.

What happens if a man takes Levest?

If a cisgender man or person assigned male at birth takes 1 or 2 birth control pills there will be very little effect. However, if a man took the pill longer-term, there may be some feminising effects, including slight breast development and a reduced sperm count. There may be health risks, so you should only take hormone tablets if you have had treatment approved by a doctor or pharmacist.

Can the Levest pill cause tiredness?

It’s not common, but tiredness and fatigue is listed as a side effect of Levest contraceptive pills. There are some studies that show that hormones, particularly progesterone, can cause sleepiness.

Can the Levest pill cause hair loss?

Yes, progesterone can potentially cause hair loss, but this is usually temporary.

Does Levest cause depression?

Depression is a listed, but rare side effect of Levest. Studies have shown links between hormonal contraception and depression.

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