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63 pack of Gedarel 30/150µg ethinylestradiol/desogestrel film-coated tablets
Gedarel 30/50 packet of microgram film-coated tablets
Blister pack containing Gedarel 30/150 micogram film-coated tablets
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Frequently asked questions

Is Gedarel the same as Marvelon?

Gedarel and Marvelon are very similar, as they’re both combined pills which contain the same types and quantities of man-made oestrogen and progesterone. This means they work in almost exactly the same way, the only difference is some of the non-active ingredients in the pills and the manufacturer.

Is Gedarel good for contraception?

Yes, Gedarel is a combined pill with the purpose of preventing unwanted pregnancy, but it’s most effective when taken correctly. No form of contraception can be 100% guaranteed, but when taken perfectly Gedarel is over 99% effective.

Do you ovulate on Gedarel?

You don’t usually ovulate during Gedarel treatment, but you may still get period-like bleeding, especially if you take a 7-day break during your cycle. Gedarel works by preventing your ovaries from releasing an egg, from sperm reaching an egg, and from an egg implanting itself in the lining of your womb (uterus).

Does Gedarel stop periods?

Gedarel can cause your periods to become irregular, painful or heavier. However, some women stop getting periods when they take Gedarel. Even if your periods stop, you may still get some breakthrough bleeding.

Is Gedarel 30/150 good for acne?

The main use of Gedarel is as a contraceptive pill. However, because Gedarel alters the levels of hormones in your body, it can have an impact on your acne. Some people can get acne as a side effect of taking Gedarel. Whether Gedarel 30/150 is good for acne or not will depend on the individual, so its best to discuss this option with your doctor.

Does Gedarel cause weight gain?

Weight gain is listed as a common side effect of Gedarel, however this does not mean it will affect everyone in this way. Weight gain on Gedarel can be temporary due to water retention. If you gain a lot of weight for any reason whilst taking Gedarel, speak to your doctor, as there may be an increased risk of blood clotting or another reason you’re gaining weight.

Can Gedarel cause anxiety?

Gedarel can cause mood changes as a side effect. There is limited evidence linking hormone-based contraceptives to anxiety. However, some people may find that contraceptive pills such as Gedarel relieve existing anxiety symptoms. The effects of Gedarel are different for each individual.

Can Gedarel make you depressed?

Gedarel can cause low mood and mood changes as a side effect for some people. It is listed as a common side effect, however this does not necessarily mean it will affect you. This may go away once your body gets used to the treatment, but you can always talk to your doctor if this is affecting your daily life.

Can Gedarel cause hair loss?

Hair loss is not listed as a side effect for Gedarel. However, it is possible to get side effects which are not listed in the patient information leaflet. If you do experience hair loss while taking Gedarel, speak to a doctor because there could be other causes.

Is Gedarel a mini pill?

No, Gedarel is a combined pill that contains synthetic versions of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone. A mini-pill is a progesterone-only pill which works by thickening the lining of your cervix to prevent sperm reaching an egg.

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