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Apply an Evra patch once a week to prevent pregnancy

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Frequently asked questions

Is the patch safer than the pill for HRT?

You can get hormonal patches to treat menopause, but these are different from Evra patches for contraception.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patches are the safer option for those at high risk of blood clots or strokes. If you’re overweight or smoke, you might consider the patch over HRT pills.

How long does the patch stay in your system after taking it off?

After 48 hours, you will not be protected from pregnancy. Your periods will return to normal after 2 or 3 months.

Is it normal to bleed while on the Evra patch?

You may have spotting or light bleeding during the first 3 cycles after starting to use the patch. Some people will bleed during their patch-free week, others will not.

Does the patch cause acne?

Acne is a potential side-effect of all hormonal contraception, as progesterone can increase the production of oil in your skin. However, many people report that their spots and pimples clear up while using the patch, as it contains oestrogen, which can help reduce acne. Find out more about the contraceptive pill and acne here.

Can a patch help lose weight?

Studies have shown that taking hormone-based contraceptives has little effect on weight gain or loss. However, some women report weight loss due to feeling nauseous while using the patch. Others have reported weight gain and bloating.

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