Brevinor pill

Brevinor is a type of contraceptive pill that can prevent pregnancy.

Calendar pack of 63 Brevinor 0.5mg/35µg noresthisterone/ethinylestradiol tablets
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Frequently asked questions

Can Brevinor cause weight gain?

There’s no clear evidence that using the pill can cause weight gain. However, Brevinor can cause short-term, temporary weight gain because of your body retaining water. This weight gain isn’t permanent, though.

If you are concerned about your weight, you can get advice on weight management from your GP such as diet changes and increasing your exercise levels.

Does Brevinor stop periods?

Brevinor pills can stop or lighten your period. During your pill-free break, you’ll have bleeding like a period, but this won’t be the same as your usual period. You can also ask your doctor to take Brevinor without a break, which may stop your periods altogether.

Is Brevinor a low-dose pill?

No, Brevinor is not a low-dose pill. A low-dose pill is one with less than 30 micrograms of oestrogen and Brevinor contains 35 micrograms of oestrogen. This means it has a slightly stronger oestrogen effect, meaning a bigger impact on conditions like PMS and acne but also a higher chance of oestrogen-related side effects.

Does Brevinor help acne?

Yes, Brevinor has been found to help improve hormonal acne, but this depends on each person.

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