The Hana Contraceptive Pill

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The Hana contraceptive pill
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Frequently asked questions

Does the Hana pill stop periods?

A common side effect of progestogen-only pills is an altered menstrual cycle, meaning your period may stop or bleeding may become lighter. Despite this, people may also experience heavier bleeding, but everybody is different! A change in the menstrual cycle is not usually a problem and usually settles down after a few months once your body is used to the Hana pill. If you are concerned about any of the changes to your menstrual cycle, you should consult your doctor.

Does the Hana pill cause weight gain?

Although weight gain is listed as a side effect of the Hana pill and could affect up to 1 in 10 people, not everyone will gain weight.

Can I buy Hana over the counter?

Yes, Hana is available over the counter without a prescription from a pharmacy.

Can I take Hana while breastfeeding?

Yes, Hana is safe to take while breastfeeding as long as you have not been advised not to take a progesterone-only pill by a medical professional. A small amount of desogestrel may be passed onto the infant from breast milk if you do take Hana while breastfeeding.

Is Hana a safe contraceptive pill?

Yes, Hana is a safe and effective method of contraception for most women if taken correctly, which is why it is available to buy over-the-counter. Please note: Hormonal contraceptives, including the Hana pill, do not protect from sexually transmitted disease.

Are Cerazette and Hana the same?

Hana contains the same ingredients as Cerazette which means it works in the same way and is just as effective. The difference is Cerazette is not available over the counter without a prescription like Hana is.

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Last reviewed: 11 Sep 2023

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