Blooms and Bloomers


How well do you think women know what's in their knickers? And how often do you think women attend sexual health screenings?

The answers might not be as well, or as much as you'd think. That's why we undertook a survey of 2,000 women and asked them questions about their sexual health to uncover how often women are attending STI check-ups and how much attention they pay to their vaginal discharge.

It turns out that 38% of sexually active women have never been for an STI check-up, and 62% pay little attention to their vaginal discharge which can often be an indicator of infection.

It's time to change those numbers. To encourage women to take more notice of what's in their knickers, we've created a graphic that shows differences in vaginal discharge and helps women know when they need to seek medical attention.

a graphic showing the variations in vaginal discharge indicating which colours are normal and abnormal