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If you are trying to lose weight, you might benefit from weight loss treatment prescribed by a doctor. Treatment is available in tablet form or an easy to use injection pen, like Saxenda. Any weight loss treatment should be used together with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Follow these simple steps to request weight loss medication whether you want to start treatment, reorder your current medication, or switch to a different medication we offer.

  1. Get started by answering some questions about your medical history. We’ll also ask about any similar medications you have used or are currently using.
  2. A registered doctor will review your answers to check that your preferred medication is suitable before they prescribe this to you. Otherwise they may suggest an alternative treatment or give you further advice
  3. Your weight loss medication will be posted to you. You can also choose to collect this from your nearest Post Office.

Our team of friendly doctors are here to support you at every stage of your weight loss journey. Message a doctor for free, confidential advice through your account.

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