We all have a good idea of how many sexual partners we’ve had. But how many partners have they had and what about the partners of those people? Even if your own number is low, the number of people you’ve been exposed to via indirect sexual contact is almost certainly far higher, including countless people you haven’t even met. The size of this network can actually be quantified and estimated based on the number of your sexual partners and their average number of partners.

In the calculator below, the number of people you’ve been exposed to within six degrees of connection is calculated. Input the number of direct partners you have had and how many partners you estimate each of those partners has had before you to see the true scale of your sexual exposures throughout six degrees.

While it might be shocking to see your number of exposures as a percentage of the population of a major city in your country or the nearest global city, indirect sexual exposure can have a far reach when a person’s sexual history is combined with that of his or her partners and partners’ partners – and so on for six degrees of connection. The implications are unnerving, as the greater this number of indirect sexual exposure, the greater one’s risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Seen at this scale, the true level of risk from unprotected sex will hopefully have users think again about precarious relations.

Other recently published calculators make assumptions about the sexual history of your partners and their number of contacts. However, this can produce exaggerated results and an inflated number of indirect exposures. Our calculator allows you to select your own estimate of the average number of partners that your partners have had before you. As graphed above, the exponential behaviour of this situation is revealed. That is, your sexual exposure grows exponentially with the number of partners that your partners have had. This is further compounded by the number of people that you have slept with directly, the latter of which is revealed by the various lines on the graph.

Even if you and all of your partners have only single-digit numbers of direct sexual partners, this can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands of indirect exposures - a number that more than justifies taking precautions. Remember: Just one exposure is all it takes to contract a sexually transmitted infection, but correct usage of protection such as condoms can stop a transmissible infection in its tracks. If you aren’t using condoms, it’s all the more important to know your status with regular STI tests.

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Sexual exposure was derived using established formulas for a finite geometric series, which, when applied to this situation, allow the following formula for sexual exposure to be derived:

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