COVID-19 Travel Testing

Whether you’re leaving the UK to go on holiday or entering from abroad, you will need to make sure you’ve got the correct COVID-19 tests once you arrive in the country.

ZAVA COVID Travel Testing Service

Entering the UK

Since Sunday 9 January, Day 2 lateral flow tests can be used instead of PCR tests by fully vaccinated adults. This also applies to children (aged 5 and above in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and 11 and above in Scotland), regardless of their vaccination status. Children under 5 years old do not need to take any tests to enter the UK.

If you are fully vaccinated

Important: you are only considered 'fully vaccinated' if it has been 14 days since your second dose of a vaccine. If your second dose was less than 14 days ago, please continue as if you are not vaccinated.

Travelling with children: children between 5 and 17 years old (in Scotland, between 11 and 17) require a Day 2 test lateral flow test to enter the UK. Day 2 PCR tests will be accepted too.

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Fully vaccinated arrivals: Day 2 Lateral Flow Test - £29.99

Order this test if you are fully vaccinated and entering the UK from a non red list country.

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If you are not fully vaccinated

Travelling with children: all children are considered 'fully vaccinated', regardless of their vaccination status, and should follow the testing rules for fully vaccinated individuals (see above).

Unvaccinated arrivals

Incomplete or unvaccinated arrivals: Day 2 and 8 test pack - £138.00

Order this test pack if you are not recognised as fully vaccinated and you are entering the UK from a non red list country.

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Day 5 test

Incomplete or unvaccinated arrivals: Test to Release - £69.00

Optional for those entering England only. Order this test if you are not recognised as fully vaccinated, entering England from a non red list country, and if you want to leave quarantine early (you can only take a Test to Release on or after day 5 in the country). You must test negative to leave quarantine early, and you will still require a mandatory Day 2 and 8 test pack.

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Frequently asked questions

Entering the UK FAQ: learn more about our COVID-19 tests for returning to the UK (Day 2 test, Day 2 and 8 tests, Test to Release)

Activate a COVID-19 test for travel

If you've already received your PCR test kit and it's the right time to take it, you need to activate it online. Please do this before taking and returning your test.

You must activate your test, otherwise we cannot give you your result.

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Activate a COVID-19 test

You must activate your test kit on the day you're taking your test or you will not be able to get your results.

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In partnership with SYNLAB

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ZAVA has partnered with one of Europe’s leading medical diagnostics providers SYNLAB to offer COVID-19 testing. SYNLAB is a UKAS accredited private provider listed on GOV.UK for COVID-19 testing.

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trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Mr Babs Fajana, 18 Jan 2022
Zero hassles
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Mr Sean Gallagher, 26 Dec 2021
Fast, efficient service. Highly recommended.
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Bianca Mercouffer, 25 Dec 2021
PCR Day 2 tests arrived on time. Posted them on Thursday morning at 9AM, got the results back by Friday 10PM. Definitely recommend.
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Jacqueline, 13 Jan 2022
A day after arriving from Menorca we made our way - eventually - to Heathrow Medical Services for our PCR test. Initially disappointed and concerned that the premises appeared to be a wooden hut, we were soon reassured by the friendly and efficient service provided by the staff. We later completed the required forms (with some minor difficulties - age related!) - and awaited our test results. To our delight our negative results were received the following morning.
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by JHW, 13 Jan 2022
One of the aspects about dealing with ZAVA that was a pleasure was how they always answered their phones in a short space of time allowing me to talk directly to a knowledgeable person who could give me good advice, when you add this to the prompt efficient service it made a great change to deal with a responsive organisation who understood my concerns and issues.

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