How do you treat coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Dr. Babak Ashrafi

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Dr Babak Ashrafi

Last reviewed: 16 Apr 2020

There is no specific treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19). Most people with the virus will be able to manage their symptoms at home.


How can I treat coronavirus at home?

You cannot cure a COVID-19 infection, but you can speed up your recovery and make your symptoms easier to manage.

General tips for treating COVID-19:

  • Rest and sleep as much as you can
  • Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated
  • Take light exercise if you feel well enough

Tips for treating a coronavirus fever:

  • Use a wet cloth to cool your forehead
  • Take paracetamol to lower your temperature if you have a fever
  • Avoid cold baths or showers because this reduces your blood flow

Tips for treating a dry coronavirus cough:

  • Drink hot water with honey and lemon
  • Take cough syrup, medicine or lozenges

Tips you can try to improve shortness of breath caused by the coronavirus:

  • Breathing through pursed lips (hold your lips like you’re whistling)
  • Sitting forward, ideally leaning on a surface like a table
  • Standing up with your back supported, for example leaning against a wall
  • Standing and leaning on a surface
  • Lying down on your back or side with pillows supporting your head and knees
  • Using a fan – cool air can improve shortness of breath
  • Drinking small amounts of coffee, which can relax your airways

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When do I need to seek medical help?

If your symptoms get worse, use the NHS 111 symptom checker which will tell you what to do next.

If you have severe difficulty breathing, you should call 999.

This is when you’re:

  • gasping for breath
  • not able to get words out
  • choking
  • your lips are turning blue

ZAVA cannot provide emergency medical help.

Caring for someone with coronavirus (COVID-19)

If someone you live with has coronavirus, you can help them manage their symptoms, but you should still keep your distance as much as possible and practise good hygiene to try to avoid getting infected.

When caring for someone you live with:

  • wash your hands often and try to avoid touching your face
  • try to keep 2m (6ft) away from those who have coronavirus symptoms
  • do not share food, drinks, plates, and knives and forks
  • do not share towels, including hand towels and tea towels
  • do not share clothes or blankets
  • sleep alone where possible
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How are severe cases of COVID-19 treated?

Treatment for severe cases of COVID-19 includes:

  • oxygen therapy and fluid replacement
  • being on a ventilator if oxygen therapy is not enough
  • antimicrobial treatment, when there are other infections
  • medication to help avoid or manage septic shock
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Last reviewed: 16 Apr 2020

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