COVID-19 on-arrival Testing at Bristol Airport

If you're vaccinated and travelling to Bristol Airport, we can provide Day 2 testing to take when you arrive. Simply take your test after you land and return it to our express drop box at the airport. Doing so can reduce quarantine time while waiting for your results which you will receive within 18 hours of your test arriving at our partner lab.

Order your Day 2 test for arrival at Bristol Airport.

Key takeaways

  • This service is only available if you are fully vaccinated and travelling to Bristol Airport from a non red list country.

  • Drop off your test when you arrive at the airport for faster results to reduce your mandatory Day 2 isolation.

  • Service available 7 days a week.

How does on-arrival testing work?

On-arrival testing works by letting you take your test with you on your trip, so you can take it the moment you return. This means you can get results and leave quarantine as quickly as possible.

Before you travel

  1. Order your Day 2 on-arrival test kit before travelling
  2. Take your test kit with you on your travels

When you arrive at Bristol Airport

  1. Activate your test kit (you must do this to get results)
  2. Take your test
  3. Follow the signs to the ZAVA test kit drop off station
  4. Return your completed test

You can then leave the airport and head home (or to your quarantine location). We will email you when your results are in your patient account. This will be within 18 hours of your test arriving at our lab*.

If you want to take your test at home or you do not have it with you on your trip, you can still use this service and either return your completed test to Bristol Airport or one of our other drop off locations.

*When you drop off your completed test will affect when you get your results.

  • Drop off your completed test by 3pm, you will receive results by 10am next day
  • Drop off your completed test after 3pm, you will receive results by 8pm next day

Order your test kits

Once you have booked your trip, order your on-arrival test kit so you have it with you when you land at Bristol Airport. You will need to complete a short online questionnaire and create a patient account to do this. You can order multiple test kits at the same time for yourself and your family.

After completing your order, we will deliver your test kit to your location of choice (within the UK) and email you a test booking reference number. You will need this to complete your passenger locator form when travelling. Once you have your test kit, do not forget to pack it, so you have it with you when you arrive at Bristol Airport. You must take your test kit with you in order to take it at the airport when you arrive.

Order your Day 2 return test for Bristol Airport

COVID-19 Day 2 test (on arrival at Bristol Airport) - £69.00

Order a Day 2 test if you are flying to Bristol Airport from a non red list country.

Order now

Activate your test at the airport

After arriving at Bristol Airport, you must activate your test. You need to do this to get your results. Do this as soon as you are ready to take your test upon arrival at the airport so you don’t forget.

Activate a COVID-19 Test for Travel
Activate now

Take your test at the airport

After activating your test, follow the instructions to take your test before you leave the airport. Once you have successfully completed your test, follow the signs to the ZAVA drop off station and drop off your test.

Do not leave the airport without returning your test, otherwise, you will need to return it yourself by post (which may delay you getting your result and leaving quarantine).

You should receive your test results within 18* hours of our lab receiving your completed test. You must quarantine until you have your test results.

*When you will receive your results will depend on when you drop off your test.

  • Drop off your completed test by 3pm, you will receive results by 10am the next day
  • Drop off your completed test after 3pm, you will receive results by 8pm the next day

I need help

COVID-19 testing for travel can be stressful, but we're here to support you. If you need help or have questions, our friendly Customer Support team is just a phone call away on 020 3588 0292, 7 days a week.

In partnership with SYNLAB

ZAVA has partnered with one of Europe's leading medical diagnostics providers SYNLAB to offer COVID-19 testing. SYNLAB is a UKAS accredited private provider listed on GOV.UK for COVID-19 testing.

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trustpilot-ratings-5-star by JE, 05 Jan 2022
We arrived home on New Year’s Eve and, due to the extended bank holiday (which could have affected the postal service), we decided on day 1 to make the 140 mile round trip to drop our completed tests at the lab in Taunton. We were beyond impressed to receive our results at 8.10 am on day 2.
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by IH, 14 Jan 2022
ZAVA provided me with an excellent service from start to finish thank you ZAVA
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Trevor Lott, 14 Dec 2021
ZAVA are very efficient and reply extremely quickly and are really supportive. I would thoroughly recommend them
trustpilot-ratings-4-star by Tracy English, 05 Jan 2022
Everything spot on as usual, but didn’t get a text or email to say my order was ready to be picked up. Went in on the off chance. Paid for next day delivery but was over a week and I’d heard nothing. Wasted the extra money.
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by Elena M, 04 Jan 2022
Very efficient and professional service. Good advice. Doctors get in touch and review your request within hours. Convenient and fast.

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