COVID-19 test drop off locations

You can return your completed COVID-19 PCR test sample in person at one of our drop off locations for our lab to process. This is an alternative option to posting your PCR test sample, especially during peak periods like Christmas when postal delays can occur.

Find out how to drop off your test sample below. We will update this page if locations change.


How to drop off your test: step by step

1. Activate and take your test.

You MUST activate your test kit before returning it, otherwise we cannot give you your result.

Follow the instructions included with your kit to take your test and pack it properly.

2. Find your nearest drop off location (see current locations below).

Check the specific instructions for that location including where to find the drop off box on site.

The cut off time to drop off your test sample is 6pm each day.

3. At the drop off location, take a photo of your test kit.

Take this photo (you can take more than one) when you have found the ZAVA drop off box. This will help us track your test later. There are instructions on the drop off box itself to help you do this and drop your test off correctly.

Make sure that both your 8 digit test kit number (beginning with ‘P’, on your packaged test kit) and the drop box ID (printed on the drop off box itself) are visible in your photo. We will need these details to track your test.

If you can’t get a clear photo (e.g. because it’s dark or there’s bad weather), please make a note of these details elsewhere.

Activate your test kit now, if you have not done so already.

4. Put your kit in the ZAVA drop off box.

Your result should arrive in your ZAVA account within 36 hours (or 48 hours, if you drop this off on a Sunday).

Find your nearest drop off location

Our current locations are shown below. Please read the specific instructions for that location to drop off your test correctly.

South West (plus South Wales)




Lisieux Way



Please drop your packaged test kit into the black sample collection drop box, outside the laboratory.

Other ways to return your test

If you cannot get to a drop off location, you can return your completed test sample:

  • by post, using the prepaid Tracked24 envelope included with your kit. Return it using a Royal Mail priority post box only and check the last collection of the day to avoid delays. Make a note of your Royal Mail tracking ID number (under the barcode on the envelope) to track your test.
  • by private courier, and get it delivered directly to our Taunton location only. Couriers should follow the instructions for this location above.

Have a question?

If you need any help returning your test sample to our lab, or if you have another question about COVID-19 testing to enter the UK, you can:

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