Aknemycin Plus Solution For Acne

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Pack of Aknemycin Plus erythromycin and tretinoin solution
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About Aknemycin Plus

Some people may experience side effects with Aknemycin Plus

Some common ones are:

  • Skin irritation in the form of redness, dryness, burning, crusting or peeling
  • Allergic contact eczema – very rarely skin irritation can lead to this type of eczema
  • Temporary hypopigmentation – loss of skin colour in certain areas
  • Temporary hyperpigmentation – darkening of skin colour in certain areas
  • Temporary depigmentation in non-Caucasians
  • A temporary increase in acne symptoms – this is a sign that Aknemycin Plus is beginning to work
  • Photosensitivity - increased sensitivity of the skin to UV light

How to use Aknemycin

  • Clean and dry the area of skin thoroughly before applying. You can pat the skin instead of rubbing it dry
  • You can use cotton wool, gauze or clean fingertips to apply enough medicine to cover the affected areas of the skin lightly. Avoid getting the solution between skin creases
  • The applicator attached allows direct application to the skin. It is simple and hygienic to use
  • Before each use, press the top of the screw cap on to the foam pad until you feel a ‘click’, then invert the bottle so that the solution wets the applicator pad, then wipe the applicator over the affected skin areas
  • You should then press the top of the screw cap on the foam pad before each use and you should feel a ‘click’, which indicates that the applicator will close again automatically
  • If your skin is sunburnt you should not use Aknemycin Plus until you skin is fully recovered. Applying it to sunburnt skin can cause severe irritation
  • Avoid or cover your skin well during weather extremes such as wind or cold as these can further irritate your skin
  • You should use Aknemycin Plus with caution on sensitive areas of the skin such as the neck

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