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Ventolin Evolhare 100µg salbutamol sulfate inhaler
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About Ventolin

How to use Ventolin

There are two devices to deliver salbutamol (Ventolin). Firstly, a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) and secondly, dry powder inhalers.

Both types of devices work slightly differently, but deliver the same medicine and have the same effects. We offer ventolin Metered Dose Inhalers through the Zava online service.

Using an MDI (Metered Dose Inhaler)

To use an MDI, remove the mouthpiece cover and shake vigorously. Insert the MDI into the spacer and the opposite end of the spacer into your mouth. Don’t bite the spacer, but make sure your lips create a good seal with the device.

Press the canister of the MDI and breathe in and out for 10 breaths. For the subsequent puffs, press the canister again, and breathe in and out for 10 times between each puff. You don’t need to keep your finger pressed on the canister while you are breathing in and out. Replace the mouthpiece cover straight away to avoid dust and other debris entering the MDI.

You should stand up or sit up straight whilst using yourMDI. You can use your MDI with or without food.

Before you use your spacer for the first time and once a month during use, soak it in warm water with a little washing up liquid for 15 minutes. Do not scrub the inside as this might affect the way it works. Rinse and leave to air dry as this helps reduce static formation, so that the medicine does not stick to the inside, but is delivered to your lungs. You should replace your spacer at least every year.


The active substance is salbutamol sulphate or albuterol sulphate. HFA 134a is also an ingredient. Ventolin MDIs are made of an aluminium alloy can, sealed with a metering valve, actuator and dust cap. Each canister contains 200 doses.

Side Effects:

  • Feeling shaky
  • Headache
  • Mouth and throat irritation
  • Muscle cramps
  • A low level of potassium in your blood
  • Increased blood flow to your extremities
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Changes in behaviour i.e. excitability
Medically reviewed by:
Dr Kathryn Basford

Dr Kathryn Basford is a qualified GP who works as a GP in London, as well as with Zava. She graduated from the University of Manchester and completed her GP training through Whipps Cross Hospital in London.

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Last reviewed: 22 Feb 2019

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trustpilot-ratings-5-star (20)
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