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84 pack of Zoely 2.5/1.5mg nomegestrol acetate/estradiol oral film-coated tablets

Zoely is a contraceptive pill containing the active ingredients nomegestrol acetate and oestradiol, used to prevent pregnancy in women.

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What is Zoely?

Zoely is a combined oral contraceptive pill. It is a daily pill, meaning it comes in strips of 28 tablets, 24 of which contain hormones and 4 of which are placebos, but should be taken nonetheless.

How does Zoely work?

Like all other combined contraceptive pills, Zoely contains 2 artificial hormones, which act similarly to those produced naturally in your body. These 2 hormones, nomegestrol acetate and oestradiol, are contained in the 24 active pills in each pack. Nomegestrol acetate is a synthetic form of the natural hormone progesterone, while oestradiol is a kind of oestrogen naturally produced in the body.

Both hormones work to convince your body daily that ovulation has already occurred, which stops your ovaries from releasing eggs. The hormones also thicken the mucus in your womb, making it harder for sperm to enter and possibly reach an egg. They also significantly change the lining of the womb, where an egg would usually be implanted following fertilisation.

How effective is Zoely?

If taken properly following the instructions marked in your patient leaflet, Zoely should reduce your chances of getting pregnant to less than 1 percent.

Important to know: Zoely's effectiveness can be reduced by a number of factors, including other drugs you are currently taking, so it is important to always disclose any medication, whether herbal or prescribed, that you take or have taken.

How do I take Zoely?

Each blister pack of Zoely contains 24 active pills and 4 placebo pills. The active pills are white and round, while the placebo pills should be yellow. Each pill must be taken at the same time every day, with a glass of water.

It is advisable to take the placebo pills at the same time daily during the 4-day placebo period too, so that you do not break your routine or get confused.

You should ideally begin taking Zoely on the first day of your period, to ensure you are protected straight away. In order to always start a new blister pack on the same day, it helps to mark this day next to the first pill in the pack or mark the starting date on a calendar. Follow the directions marked on the blister pack to take your tablets every day and begin a new blister pack immediately after finishing the 4 yellow tablets of the first pack.

If you are changing from another method of contraception to Zoely, please check your patient leaflet for more information on how and when to begin taking Zoely, as this varies depending on what contraception you were using previously. You may start Zoely immediately after discontinuing some types of contraception and still be protected, but this is not always the case. You should inform your doctor of any contraceptives you are currently using before starting a course of Zoely – that way they can advise you on how to make the transition.

Will I still get my period while taking Zoely?

You will still have a period while taking Zoely, although this should in most cases be lighter, less uncomfortable and more regular than before you began taking the pill. Your period should start several days after beginning the 4 placebo tablet phase, and may not finish by the time you have begun a new blister pack. You are still protected during your period.

What happens if I miss a pill?

As with most combined pills, if you miss just 1 active pill and realise within the next 24 hours, simply take it immediately and continue with your cycle as normal. This should not lower Zoely's effectiveness. If you do realise after 24 hours, consult your patient information leaflet for more information as instructions vary depending on the level of hormone contained in the missed pill. If you miss a placebo pill, you do not need to take it, you can discard the pill and take the next pill in the blister pack as usual.

If I get diarrhoea or if I am sick, will that affect Zoely?

If you have severe diarrhoea or vomit within several hours of taking Zoely, this may affect its absorption and effectiveness in your body. Please check your patient leaflet for more information.

What are the advantages of taking Zoely?

Zoely contains a natural type of oestrogen already found in the human body. This means that the risk of contraceptive pill-related blot clots in users is further reduced. Fewer women have also reported acne as a side effect from Zoely when compared to other pills.

Who cannot take Zoely?

Zoely is not suitable for everyone and is not usually prescribed by the online doctor to those under 18, very overweight or heavy smokers over 35 years old. Zoely is not suitable for you if you have or have had any of the following conditions:

  • blood clots, deep vein thrombosis or blood clotting issues
  • heart attacks
  • strokes
  • angina
  • diabetes with complications
  • pancreatitis or unusually high levels of cholesterol
  • liver problems (including disease, reduced function, cancer, benign tumours or similar)
  • genital organ cancers or diseases (breast cancer)
  • an allergy to any of the ingredients in Zoely (including lactose)

Other medical conditions may also affect your suitability to take Zoely, so please ensure you disclose them to your doctor before taking it. If you develop any unusual symptoms while taking the pill, especially those associated with a blood clot or thrombosis, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Is Zoely suitable for breastfeeding mothers?

Zoely and other combined contraceptive pills can be used by breastfeeding mothers, but should not be used until 6 weeks after childbirth. Speak to your doctor if you have just had a child and intend to breastfeed while taking Zoely so they can assess your suitability.

Will I gain weight if I take Zoely?

There is no evidence showing that you will gain weight as a result of taking Zoely.

However, everyone reacts to hormonal contraception differently. For some people, weight gain or weight loss is a side effect of taking the oral contraceptive pill. However, this tends to only be a short-term side effect, and should settle after your body is used to your new hormone levels.

What is the difference between Zoely and Yasmin?

Zoely and Yasmin are both combined oral contraceptive pills. When taken correctly, both pills stop you from getting pregnant. Both pills contain artificial versions of the sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone.

Zoely is a slightly newer pill and contains a lower dose of oestrogen and a different type of progesterone. Some women find they have fewer unpleasant side effects with Zoely than previous contraceptive pills, like Yasmin.

Does Zoely have any side effects?

Zoely can have side effects, but the severity varies from person to person; some women may never have any. The common side effects of Zoely include:

  • various changes to your menstrual cycle
  • headaches or migraines
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • changes to your weight
  • spotting between periods

A tiny proportion of users may experience more severe side effects, including blood clotting issues, raised blood pressure, gallstones, allergic reactions or other conditions. These do not happen in most cases, but do contact the emergency services immediately if you experience any serious adverse effects.

Last reviewed: 23 Mar 2023