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Accurate HIV home testing technology: €40

ZAVA HIV test kit

Worried about HIV? A home HIV test allows you to get tested without having to see a doctor or nurse. The home HIV test requires you to take a small sample of blood (following the instructions provided with the HIV test kit) and then send the sample to our laboratory for analysis.

Your test result will be available within two days of your sample reaching the lab. Our service is discreet and confidential.

Delivery and return postage are free.

In some cases, the doctor may need to ask for more information. They may contact you by phone, so make sure your telephone number in your online account is up to date.

A home HIV test kit costs €40.

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About the HIV test kit

Our HIV home test kit detects the presence of HIV 1&2 in a blood sample. The test is 99.8% likely to find an HIV infection if you have contracted it.

The process is simple:

  • We will send you a test kit in discreet packaging
  • Provide a blood sample, following the instructions we send you
  • Post the sample to our partner laboratory using the pre-paid envelope
  • We will contact you as soon as your results are ready.

'Window period' for this test

The HIV test kit is unlikely to detect HIV if you contracted the infection within the last six weeks. If you are worried you may have contracted HIV from a recent incident, we recommend you wait until six weeks after the incident to get tested.

If you think you may have been exposed to HIV in the last 72 hours please visit your local GUM clinic immediately.

How quickly will you receive your result

You should receive your test kit from us within 3-5 working days of placing your order. Results are generally available 2-3 days after your sample reaches the laboratory.

If you engage in any of the following high-risk behaviours, you should get HIV and STI tests taken annually:

  • You inject drugs or steroids and/or share needles and syringes
  • You have unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex with men who have sex with men, multiple partners, anonymous partners or sex workers
  • You have been diagnosed with or treated for hepatitis, tuberculosis, herpes or other STIs
  • You have had unprotected sex with somebody who could answer yes to any of the above questions

How does the test work?

The HIV test kit we use is an HIV1&2 Abs/p24 Ag combination (Fourth Generation) test. It is the standard test offered by most sexual health clinics.

It works by detecting both the specific proteins (antigens) found on the surface of the HIV virus itself, and the HIV-fighting antibodies produced by your body. Find our how this test compares to the other HIV testing options available.

Instructions for taking the test

The HIV test kit is fairly straight-forward to use. You will need to collect a sample of blood by pricking your fingertip with the lancet provided and 'milking' your blood into the collection tube.

Full instructions on exactly how to do this will be provided with your home HIV test kit.

Why should I test?

Symptoms of HIV often do not show, which means there's no way of telling whether or not someone is infected. The only way of knowing your HIV status for sure is by getting tested.

You may have a higher risk of catching HIV if you do not use condoms when having sex with someone whose HIV status is not clear to you, and you’re:

  • a man who has sex with men
  • a transgender person who has sex with men
  • a woman who has sex with bisexual people
  • having sex with someone from a country with a high rate of HIV

You also might have a higher risk of getting HIV if you:

  • are having sex with someone who is HIV positive and has a detectable viral load (the amount of the virus in their blood is able to be found)
  • are taking drugs using needles and sharing those needles with others
  • are a sex worker
  • get STIs (sexually transmitted infections) on a regular basis

There could be other reasons not listed here that put you at a higher risk of getting HIV.

What happens if I test positive?

If your HIV test kit comes back positive our doctors will be on hand to help you on the next step of the way. All positive results must be followed up by a confirmation test using different technology. If you do test positive for HIV we will discuss all possible consequences with you in detail. We will assist you in finding specialist care in your local area and put you in touch with local support groups.

Protecting your privacy

We take every effort to protect your privacy, including:

  • not emailing or texting you with medical information
  • not sharing your information without your consent. See our privacy notice for more information
  • sending your test kit out in plain packaging

What happens if I test positive?

If your HIV test kit comes back as positive our doctors are here to help you and give you advice on what to do next. All positive results must be followed up by another type of test to confirm results.

If you do test positive for HIV we’ll discuss all possible consequences with you in detail. We’ll also help you to find specialist care in your local area and put you in touch with local support groups.

When to test

You need to wait until 45 days after you think you may have contracted the infection before you get tested. You should get retested after 3 months.

Medically reviewed by:
Dr Simran Deo Doctor

Dr Simran Deo qualified from St George’s, University of London in medicine in 2006 with a distinction in her written finals. She went on to specialise in general practice, obtaining the MRCGP certification in 2012. In 2014 she received a merit for the Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff University.

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Last reviewed: 30 Apr 2020