Order Consultation for Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

Pack of 14 MacroBID 100mg nitrofurantoin prolonged-release capsules

Nitrofurantoin is an antibiotic which fights bacteria. It is mainly used to treat urinary tract infections.

To place a prescription order for urinary tract infection treatment, fill in our brief questionnaire. You can choose a preferred treatment, such as Nitrofurantoin.

One of our doctors will check if the medication is suitable for you and issue your prescription to a local pharmacy in Ireland or your home address.

A consultation for urinary tract infection treatment prescription costs €20.

Medical consultation with prescription if necessary - €20.00
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trustpilot-ratings-5-star by , 14 Aug 2021
Great service and a brilliant idea
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by , 20 Feb 2021
Thank you to Zava, very helpful and the delivery was speedy, which I was very grateful for. Not being able to get an appointment with the doctor this service is a lifesaver. Thank you again
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by , 12 Aug 2020
Fast delivery and efficient service
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by , 29 Jul 2019
Brilliant service; only snag for me was £7.99 next day delivery charge, but I needed the meds. Saved in the long run as I didn’t need to take time off work to visit GP in person. Would definitely use again.
trustpilot-ratings-5-star by , 11 May 2019
Great product. Thank you.