We have changed our name from DrEd to ZAVA


DrEd logo and ZAVA logo

New name, new website - but the same great service you're used to from DrEd.

Although the look of our website and our name have changed, we're still the same team providing the same great service.

If you previously had an account with us you will be able to log in and order as usual.

Why did we change?

Dr Zenon Andreou

Dr Zenon Andreou, Deputy Medical Director

We know that a lot of people don’t like change. Let us reassure you that although we’ll have a different name, we are the same company, with the same team, providing the same service.

The reason for us changing our name is beyond functional. When our founders, Amit and David set up the company back in 2011, they worked alongside one doctor in what could be generously described as a broom cupboard. For a long time, DrEd worked for us as a brand. But as time went on, we started to feel that the company we were creating had outgrown it.

Our new website

the new zava website


We know our patients need to access our service from anywhere, at anytime and we want to ensure that’s possible. Regardless of the device you use to access ZAVA, you’ll get a consistent, high quality experience.

We want to help anyone we can, regardless of their background or situation, or existing conditions. That’s why we’ve worked with patients to design every element of our experience to be accessible to everyone. We’ve used legible font throughout, strong colour contrast and clear navigation.

If we’re encouraging patients to share things they might not have shared with anyone else, we have to design an experience which makes them feel comfortable doing so. ZAVA uses illustrations, typography, colour and iconography to make our service feel warm and compassionate, not cold and unwelcoming.

The future

The ZAVA team

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about ZAVA and our vision going forwards. Hopefully you can see that this goes way beyond us changing our name.

This is an exciting new chapter for many reasons. We are inspired by our patients' stories and we will always be grateful that they gave DrEd the opportunity to help them. Whether you’ve been a DrEd patient or not, we very much hope that you’ll continue to give ZAVA that same opportunity. We’ll be here, in your corner, whenever you need us.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel to free email us at info@zavamed.com.

Thank you for reading.

The ZAVA Team

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