ZAVA New Services

We regularly update our services to make sure you're getting the latest treatments and advice available! You can see our most recent launches here.


New Photo Assessment Service

Photo assessment image

Try our skin photo assessment service

New Chronic Health Service


View our latest COPD treatments

New General Health Service

Coronavirus masks

Order a coronavirus test

New Sexual Health Services

Male couple laughing

View PrEP therapy service

New Men's Health Services

testosterone levels

View Testosterone Levels Service

Gout Test and Treatment

View Gout Test & Treatment

New Women's Health Services

thrush treatment

View Thrush Treatment Service

New consultation service: Period Pain

GP referral to private specialist

Get period pain medication

New Wellbeing Services

psoriasis treatment

View Psoriasis Treatment Service

eczema treatment

View Eczema Treatment Service

vitamin d levels

View Vitamin D Levels Service

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