Negative test result - Test to Release

Your coronavirus test result is negative. You did not have the virus when this test was taken. If you were self isolating as an international arrival you may stop self isolating.


If you are self-isolating as an international arrival from a non-red country, region or territory, who was subject to a 10-day isolation period on entry, you may stop self-isolating.

You should self-isolate if you get symptoms of coronavirus (you should get an NHS coronavirus test and self-isolate until you get the results).

For advice on when you might need to self-isolate and what to do, go to and read ‘Self-isolation and treating symptoms’.

It is a legal requirement to self-isolate when you arrive in the UK from a non-red list country, territory, or region if you do not meet eligibility criteria to remove the requirement to isolate. If you are contacted by the enforcement authorities or the police after you have received this negative result, please show them this notification.

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