Negative COVID-19 Fit to Fly test result

Your results

You have tested negative for COVID-19. You are fit to travel and can download and print your Fit to Fly certificate from your online ZAVA patient account. If you've received a negative result and haven't received a certificate, please contact our Customer Support team on 020 3808 3239.

Check before you travel

It is your responsibility to check entry requirements for the country you’re travelling to. For up to date COVID-19 travel information, visit the Foreign Travel advice pages on

How your COVID-19 test works

You were tested using the PCR (RT-PCR method) swab test. This is the same test used by the NHS and Public Health England – and accepted by all major airlines and embassies.

The PCR test analyses DNA to identify the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Our lab’s PCR equipment only needs a tiny portion of virus DNA which it can then replicate and amplify for diagnostic purposes. If the virus was present in your upper respiratory tract at the time of sampling, this test should have identified it.

How accurate is the test?

There is a very small chance your result may not be accurate if you didn't collect the sample correctly or if your virus levels were undetectable. This might be the case if you took the sample after the first 5 days of illness or if you don't have symptoms.

If you are positive for COVID-19 but don't have symptoms, the test won't have the same accuracy as one done when symptoms are present. Data on test accuracy for people who are positive but don't show symptoms, is still limited. If you don’t have symptoms but carry the virus, it may not be in high enough numbers, or be present in the place you take the sample from, to give a positive result.

So your negative COVID-19 result simply means the virus was not present in the sample you took.

If you have typical symptoms of COVID-19, or have close contacts who have tested positive, please self isolate and message our doctors for advice. For up to date advice on what to do if you have tested positive, visit

We are required to pass on the details of your negative result to Public Health England (or the appropriate corresponding body in other countries). This is to help them gather data on the virus’ spread.

Help the national COVID-19 effort

If you want to contribute to the national effort of mapping current and past infections, please consider adding your result to the COVID-19 symptom app, run in conjunction with King's College London. You should also add your result to the NHS track and trace app.

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