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PrEP is a medication (a pill) that protects you from an HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection.


ZAVA offers PrEP to people who are HIV negative and have a higher risk of getting HIV.

You might have a higher risk if you do not use condoms when having sex with someone whose HIV status is not clear to you, and you’re:

  • a man who has sex with men
  • a transgender person who has sex with men
  • a woman who has sex with bisexual people
  • having sex with someone from a country with a high rate of HIV

You might also have a higher risk of getting HIV if you:

  • are having sex with someone who is HIV positive and has a detectable viral load (the amount of the virus in their blood is able to be found)
  • are taking drugs using needles and sharing those needles with others
  • are a sex worker
  • get STIs (sexually transmitted infections) on a regular basis

There could be other reasons not listed here that put you at a higher risk of getting HIV.

You can order PrEP from ZAVA if you’re already taking it, or if you’ve never taken it before.


You can test at home for all stages of PrEP therapy.

For our doctors to prescribe PrEP, you’ll need to have:

  • a negative result from HIV and hepatitis B and C tests
  • a normal result from a kidney function test


All tests need to have been done within four weeks of starting your order for PrEP (unless you already know your hepatitis status or have been vaccinated).

Why should I get my PrEP from ZAVA?

You’re not simply buying medication from ZAVA: we provide a complete PrEP therapy service.

  1. Fill out our online questionnaire. This will ask you for all of the information our doctors need to decide if they can prescribe you PrEP
  2. If you’ve not already had HIV, kidney function, and hepatitis B and C tests, we can send test kits to you, so you can test at home
  3. We can also send you an STI test kit which you can also do at home
  4. Our doctors will be in touch once you’ve started taking PrEP to give you any advice or extra information you might need
  5. We offer regular reminders about keeping your tests and medication up to date

This service does not require any face-to-face appointments but you can contact our doctors for free at any time during your treatment if you need any help or support.

Where can I find out more about HIV?

ZAVA covers the following areas of HIV:

The NHS has information on:

Terrence Higgins Trust provides:

Naz offers:

Where can I find out more about PrEP?

There are several sources that can provide more information about PrEP and how it’s used, including:

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